Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Maple..... that level grinding game where the ultimate goal is to lvl up lvl up and more lvl up. zzzzzz...... The game where most of the gamers are rude, obnoxious little kids which like to show off in terms of $ (@-cash and mesos) , damage, equipment and level. Tell ppl ur above 16 yrs old and they'll say ur ancient.

I'm a bandit (dit for short ) in maple which has survived 64 grueling levels to be where i am now. Save mesos like mad until I have 10 mil, which I will have to spend away in order to upgrade my equipment and survive.

My maple char sakaiiiiiiii (8 i's) has evolved from a blacko to a whito in this span of time. Unwillingly evolved I should say, thanks to a 'gift' from an in-game friend which bleached my skin akin to Michael Jackson. But overall, this skin makeover has brought on more good than bad. I don't get called a 'bangla' anymore (ZZZzzz Racists.....) and ppl tend to help me more. Haizz... this goes to show that looks matter even in a virtual environment.

Before =====> After (+ one dumb golden pig =.=" oinkoink)

Well now, back to maple..... can't slack off for too long or my mom will wonder where I went. Wakaka no one believes my mother maples.... oh those innocent souls........

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