Monday, March 31, 2008

Diamonds & Daisies~~~

Tomorrow is the 1st day of April\ grandma's bday\April Fool's Day!

So..... I'm writing my first entry for the Blog Carnival for my Etsybloggers team....

If you haven't guessed Diamonds are April's birthstones and Daisies are April's Flowers of the Month!!!

Some random facts:

Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Diamonds are forever.

The Daisy symbolizes loyal love, innocence, and purity.

The secret meaning of giving a daisy is "I'll never tell."

If you dream of daisies in the spring or summer that is good but if in the fall or winter it is bad luck.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Acrylic and Wood = Quirky Bookmarks!

Just sold my Chocolate Cherry Black Forest Tart today!!! ^^ So happy that some of my handicraft is being shipped halfway around the world to the UK!! I still rmb that loooooong plane ride to UK that took 13 hours... omg Now my product will be travelling there too!

Added some new additions to my etsy shop.... Simply adorable wooden bookmarks painted using acrylic paint...

Currently only 6 designs available... so if you wanna buy them u can get them at!!!

Having a bookmark promo at my site right now.... Buy 2 and get the 3rd one for 50% off.... + free shipping for the 3rd bookmark.

All bookmarks come in handmade envelopes!


Monday, March 24, 2008

5 stones!

Do you rmb when u were small and there was this game that u used to play with stones or mini bean bags that ur mother made for you? I think it was called batu seremban or sumth like that.... I guess if ur not from Asia, you would have played with a game called 'jacks' (?)

I wanted to introduce this game to the world, so I've made my own version, complete with instruction manual to be sold at my etsy shop.

It really has a traditional feel to it, and I hope it would also appeal to international buyers.
This 5 stones set consists of 5 traingular handstitched bean bags.... stuffed with real red (azuki) beans....

Painstakingly made-with-powerpoint instruction manual.

Stuff the bean bags in a handwoven rattan box.....

Tie it up with a pale blue ribbon......


Buy it at!!!!

P.S. I love turquoise....(both the stone and the color)


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Buy Handmade~~

In a twist of fate a few months back, I chanced upon Kelly's bloggger blog. We have quite a few things in common, she's in Ipoh and she's a fellow craft enthusiast, fellow etsy shop owner and fellow process engineer in the semiconductor industry. She mostly sells felt food patterns in her shop and her signature 'inchies'.... her etsy shop is

Why do I like to make handmade stuff so much? Maybe its because I feel it gives that item its own uniqueness and each of them conveys my thoughts and feelings when I make them. The item is uniquely designed and each one is different in its own way. You'll never get 2 exact same items. Sometimes when you want something in a particular pattern or color, you just have to make it urself and u'll be guaranteed 100% satisfaction.

Sis & me always used to joke that 'handmade is another word for ugly'..... haha... as in.... Ooooo that bear looks 'handmade' ....o.O Actually it just means that the little imperfections in a handmade product is what makes it unique and endearing to you. We still keep that lopsided eeyore with his rastafarian hair, cos he once dropped in the toilet bowl, and we blowed him dry with the hair blower till it fried his hair....-___- Sometimes you get tired of all that machine made perfection.

More reasons as to why we should buy handmade at


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Felt crazy.... o.O

Spent most of my time in my hometown making new craft projects for my etsy shop.

Made a whole raspberry mousse cake and I dedicate it to D & C!
Happy Birthday to both of you and Congratulations on getting full A's too!!!

Tediously made of 8 identical slices of cake.... they can be separated or tied together with the ribbon for that delicious whole cake effect. More photos available in my shop..... This cake is made of high quality felt that I bought in the craftshop.... I consider it my masterpiece lol!!!

Besides that, I also designed 4 felt hair clips..... getting inspiration from the 4 seasons, even though we only have 1 season here... haha...

Also put up the hamburger set that I made during CNY for sale....
The felt is a different kinda felt.... though some ppl may like it cos its harder and sturdier ....

I love the hamburger best!!!! Also love how the photos turn out so nicely when I take them at home.... must be my mom's digital Canon camera plus the beautiful and simple backdrop in the kitchen..... I feel it makes my photos turn out more professionally and less editing is needed... haha


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Democracy --- The people decide

Election day was over last Saturday..... and subsequently the reasons were made known to the people on Sunday. It was described by the media as a political tsunami, a tidal wave of epic proportions in favor of the opposition. Well, in the peninsular anyway.

It was my first time voting this year. Went to the polling centre in the late afternoon, very few ppl there. We all cast our vote calmly and went home after that. On Sunday,the results for my area was he rocket got 10 out of 11 seats they contested for, which was an unforeseen victory.

The power of the people's vote denied the ruling party the 2/3rd majority they had hoped for. Instead they lost 4 of the states that they ruled in the past 4 years.

Election outcomes aside, I'm proud to say that Malaysia had a very peaceful election compared to all other countries. This is a true show of racial unity and democracy. I hope all this would work to the people's favor..... as each party will have a chance to show their worth.


Friday, March 07, 2008

~~New creations ~~

Created some more felt desserts to put in my etsy shop.


1) Japanese Green Tea Tart

2) Black Forest Tart

3) Choco Orange Tart

Do you feel liking eating dessert now? Haha.... Still have many ideas in my head but not enough time to make them come true. Feeling so tired everyday after work. Still hoping that more ppl would buy my stuff haha....
Anyway, even if u don't feel like buying them, u can still visit my store at or follow the link at the right hand sight of my blog in case u haven't noticed.... it's right below the chat box.


A change of government

It's election time again in Malaysia. To be exact it's election day tomorrow. 8th of March. All around u can see banners and flags of all the political parties hung in every place imaginable. All of them competing for prime location and competing for the biggest banner to be hung up.

At roundabouts u can see rows and rows of banners hung by all different political parties. The crescent moon, the full moon, the rocket, the weight. If there is a place where one party has made its mark, the other parties will make their mark too... lol!

The election fever affects the whole of Malaysia, not only this peninsular.
Take a look at this confused cat from
FYI, it's an iconic statue for Kuching, Sarawak.

Anyway, it's not only our nation that has a change of government, it's happening in my department at work now. >.< Just received new that there's gonna be an organizational restructure for our engineering group and this would affect our department. Our beloved boss is gonna be transferred over for development of a new project. For now, we feel like orphans.

Now, it feels like we're stuck in a sinking ship, and the captain has gone. We have 2 navigators but no person to steer the wheel. I'm one of the passengers trying hard to bail the water out of the boat. Yesterday, one of the passengers jumped out of the boat, waving goodbye to us. Now we have less ppl to bail water =.=""

Just had news yesterday that there was to be a new captain to steer the wheel next month. However, the model of the ship he's used to driving isn't same as our model. He probably won't even know about my process.

Sigh. Seems that every company I go to, I face an almost similar situation. Lolzzz....


Saturday, March 01, 2008

First Sale!!!

Just sold my first product thru Etsy ytd!!! Remember the icing cookies in my previous post?
Well, thanks to Etsy, I've sold them! Just posted them today.... hope that Heather and Todd will receive it within 2 weeks time.

This just motivated me to create more stuff to sell online.... I enjoy creating these things and it's especially exciting that someone in another corner of the world would wanna buy them!!!

Thanks Heather and Todd!!!! Hope it reaches u soon!


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