Friday, March 07, 2008

A change of government

It's election time again in Malaysia. To be exact it's election day tomorrow. 8th of March. All around u can see banners and flags of all the political parties hung in every place imaginable. All of them competing for prime location and competing for the biggest banner to be hung up.

At roundabouts u can see rows and rows of banners hung by all different political parties. The crescent moon, the full moon, the rocket, the weight. If there is a place where one party has made its mark, the other parties will make their mark too... lol!

The election fever affects the whole of Malaysia, not only this peninsular.
Take a look at this confused cat from
FYI, it's an iconic statue for Kuching, Sarawak.

Anyway, it's not only our nation that has a change of government, it's happening in my department at work now. >.< Just received new that there's gonna be an organizational restructure for our engineering group and this would affect our department. Our beloved boss is gonna be transferred over for development of a new project. For now, we feel like orphans.

Now, it feels like we're stuck in a sinking ship, and the captain has gone. We have 2 navigators but no person to steer the wheel. I'm one of the passengers trying hard to bail the water out of the boat. Yesterday, one of the passengers jumped out of the boat, waving goodbye to us. Now we have less ppl to bail water =.=""

Just had news yesterday that there was to be a new captain to steer the wheel next month. However, the model of the ship he's used to driving isn't same as our model. He probably won't even know about my process.

Sigh. Seems that every company I go to, I face an almost similar situation. Lolzzz....



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