Thursday, January 17, 2008

Where's my tyre rim? o.O

Yesterday had an 'eventful' day at work..... finally reached my boiling point.

Normally that damn supervisor always tries to manipulate me to say what he wants, and point fingers at me when anything goes wrong at the line. He talked back louder to me as if ppl who talked loud are always right. Well, 2 can play at that game! I just talked one tone louder back to him, and it kept on going till the ppl around us were just looking at me with boggled eyes o.O. Lolz... later on my boss told me that he didn't know I had such a temper in me.... o.O

Well, on my way home I nearly met with a car accident. Have been going home around 8pm these days.... The road home is long and there places which are really dark.... there always are lorries and damn slow cars that drive on the right lane (argh.. hate drivers who are like that!).... the lorry suddenly swerved to my side and I crashed up the low stone divider.... at that moment, I saw something fly off to the side... Luckily my car didn't overturn and I crashed back down the divider. Stopped at the nearby Mobil station to check my car.... Turns out my front tyre ring got all crooked and the thing that flew off when I hit the divider was my tyre rim...

Lolz... couldn't find it the next day when I went to work though... wonder where it flew. I'm wondering if it flew and hit a motorist on the head what would happen? o.O Sigh... I'm so tired... I don't like driving such a long way to work or to town evryday... I really wanna move nearer to town.



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