Monday, January 28, 2008


Feel like crap.....
My nose keeps running a marathon.... but I can't breathe...
Nose hurts, throat hurts, mouth hurts, eyes hurt.......

JL..... tell me that our 'plan' can work so that I don't have to go to work feeling like crap anymore.....

No energy to blog. No inspiration to take photos. Counting the days till I get home.....


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No Privacy No Freedom

Miss my Melaka house ...... n my life there. :(

e e R
e l G
l p H

S M !
u e !
f !
f !
o !


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nana anime~~ナナ

Started watching the Nana ナナ anime i just bought..... Nana Oosaki is just so cool!
Loved the 1st ending song titled A Little Pain by Olivia.
It has a nice haunting melody which invokes the feeling of sadness when u listen to it.

A Little Pain
by Olivia

Travel to the moon

君は眠り 夢を解く
kimi wa nemuri yume wo toku
You're asleep, as you work out your dreams

誰もいない 星の光 操りながら

dare mo inai hoshi no hikari ayatsurinagara

There's no one here while the light of the stars toys with me

強くなるため 忘れた笑顔

tsuyoku naru tame wasureta egao
In order to become strong I have to remember how to smile

きっと二人なら 取り戻す
kitto futari nara torimodosu
If we're together, I can do it

* 気づいて

* kidzuite
* Realize that...

I'm here waiting for you

ima to wa chigau mirai ga attemo
Even if the future is different from now

I'm here waiting for you

I keep on shouting

きっと心は つなぐ糸をたぐってる
kitto kokoro wa tsunagu ito wo tagutteru
I'm sure all I have to do is pull in the thread that connects our hearts

あの頃の私 目を覚ますように
ano koro no watashi me wo samasu you ni
So the person I was back then would open her eyes

no need to cry

Travel in silence

手をのばせば 触れるのに
te wo nobaseba fureru noni
I can reach you if I stretch out my hands

kimi wa tooi
Its so far away

それは 思い出の中のこと
sore wa omoide no naka no koto
The only memory I have of you

声が聞こえる 目を閉じれば
koe ga kikoeru me wo tojireba
I can hear your voice if I close my eyes

小さな痛みさえ いとしくて
chiisana itami sae itoshikute
Even a little pain would be nice

Look at me

I'm here waiting for you

風に吹かれ 一人迷っても
kaze ni fukare hitori mayottemo
Even if you get lost, blown away by the wind

I'm here waiting for you

sora wo miagete
I look up at the sky

ずっと心は 手を広げて守ってる
zutto kokoro wa te wo hirogete mamotteru
I was protecting my heart with outstretched hands

あの頃の君が 振り返るまで
ano koro no kimi ga furikaeru made
Until the person you were back then looked back

no need to cry
(Feel something Feel nothing

Listen closely Listen closely)
Wide open ears

Disarm the dream tickler

In the constant moment

(You will find me Where it's quiet

Listen closely Listen closely)

Let the blood flow

Through all the spaces

Of the universe

* repeat

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Soooooo....... sticky!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!

Show encrypted text


Where's my tyre rim? o.O

Yesterday had an 'eventful' day at work..... finally reached my boiling point.

Normally that damn supervisor always tries to manipulate me to say what he wants, and point fingers at me when anything goes wrong at the line. He talked back louder to me as if ppl who talked loud are always right. Well, 2 can play at that game! I just talked one tone louder back to him, and it kept on going till the ppl around us were just looking at me with boggled eyes o.O. Lolz... later on my boss told me that he didn't know I had such a temper in me.... o.O

Well, on my way home I nearly met with a car accident. Have been going home around 8pm these days.... The road home is long and there places which are really dark.... there always are lorries and damn slow cars that drive on the right lane (argh.. hate drivers who are like that!).... the lorry suddenly swerved to my side and I crashed up the low stone divider.... at that moment, I saw something fly off to the side... Luckily my car didn't overturn and I crashed back down the divider. Stopped at the nearby Mobil station to check my car.... Turns out my front tyre ring got all crooked and the thing that flew off when I hit the divider was my tyre rim...

Lolz... couldn't find it the next day when I went to work though... wonder where it flew. I'm wondering if it flew and hit a motorist on the head what would happen? o.O Sigh... I'm so tired... I don't like driving such a long way to work or to town evryday... I really wanna move nearer to town.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Retail Therapy

Went shopping last week, gone all out on craft stuff at the Living Cabin and Anime.

Bought a few sets of felt DIY kits.... at RM4.90 to RM5.90 each.... gonna be bz making felt food for the next few weekends.

Went anime shopping.... got original releases of Mushishi and Nana... and another 'not original' copy of some shoujo anime.... Also realized that it's more worth it to buy original here in Ipoh!!!!

Anyway, I'm delighted with my purchases so I'd thought I'd record it in my blog that's all...lolz :P

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Sunday, January 13, 2008


Went to the Ipoh SPCA yesterday again to hand in my monthly donation to them. Also received a lovely thank you card and the receipt for the last payment. It's tax exempted~ ~ another reason for you to donate.

Anyway, I met Roger again..... brought him some dog biscuits, but I guess he's not used to eating those.

I really need some practice on capturing animals..... they always look blur in my photos.

Can't really capture his green eyes here..... The biscuit I gave him nearly dropped out from his cage.

Also came across a quaint little dog that day. She seems so at ease walking with 2 legs, as if she's a small little human. She hasn't had a sponsor yet, so if you do come down to the Ipoh SPCA come take a look at her.....

There's also a Basset Hound puppy (a.k.a. Hush Puppy) there, not yet 1 year old. I forgot to take a photo of him/her.... Maybe next time!

P.S. Noticed I've got quite a number of hits coming from ppl who search for puppy adoption in Ipoh or ISPCA.... If ur one of the ppl, do take the opportunity to visit the Ipoh SPCA....


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Brown Towel Bear

Made this little brown bear some time ago with a DIY kit from Living Cabin. He's sitting on the MAS pillow I 'took' back from my trip to UK. Hmm... I guess not bad for my first bear... his ears and eyes a bit lopsided.... some of his limbs are overstuffed.... but that's what makes it distinguishably handmade... lolz

*handmade = another word for ugly*

I like the material, it reminds me of Teddy's towel. I stuffed him with azuki beans and cotton... so he's a beanie. Made another Teddy bear out of cloth scraps making use of the templates in the DIY kit....I'll take a picture of it another time.


Monday, January 07, 2008

Encryption Decryption

Just put in an encryption feature in my blog to encrypt my most private thoughts.... these entries are just for the eyes of my few trusted frens and myself.
It's so that ppl don ask me too many personal questions. If I don't trust u I won't ever tell u. If I do trust u, I'll tell u without u asking me.
Nothing personal, hope nobody's offended...lolz.... I just don't want strayyyngers knowing too much about my thoughts.

Speaking of encryption and decryption.... this reminds me of Computer Security class where we had to decrypt some kinda code for our assignment. Quite interesting class where we learnt about ciphers and computer security..... also some hacking!!! wheee..... hope I don't sound like a nerdy geek o.O


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Work blues

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3 pretty puppies for adoption!

Went to the ISPCA again today.

Remember that cute little furry doggie that looks like a Pekingese which I introduced in an earlier blog entry?

She's still available for adoption....

Woof! My name is Fluffy.

She's quite a playful pup, always looking for other puppies to play with. When I came to visit today, she was chewing on flowers and grass and chasing other puppies around. If u want a playful pup, she's ur match!

Today, I also saw 2 other new puppies which weren't there during my last visit. Both of them have droopy ears, short hair, and are really fat! They were so busy playing with Fluffy that it was soooooo difficult to get a good photo of them.

Here's SpottyGirl. She's white, with big black spots all over her body. Erm.... I would say the pattern is somewhat like a dairy cow? She's really cute...>.< She's a playful one too, wandering here and there. However, she's still no match for Fluffy.

Here's her sister, SpottySis. She's white too, but with brown spots. She looks almost the same as SpottyGirl, only thing is that her spots are brown. She's more shy and quiet than the other two.

All 3 pretty girls are available for adoption. If you are looking to adopt a puppy in Ipoh, go to the ISPCA (Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and look for them. They live at the ISPCA but do not officially belong to them, they actually belong to the Indian family that lives at the premises. You'll fall in love with them when you see them!

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Recently I've met a few ppl who fit this category.... 幸灾乐祸.
I just wanna say I despise ppl who are like that.
Ppl who laugh at the misfortune of others.
Ppl who gleefully bring the news of misfortune to others.
Ppl who don't feel sympathy or try to help.
Ppl who like to spread news of misfortune befalling someone to all the other ppl they know.

It makes me think they are like those little children who watch Saturday morning cartoons and laugh so happily when the cartoon characters get beat up. To me, these kinda ppl are as ignorant and childish as little children. They are also selfish ppl who only care about their own feelings but not the feelings of others.

Note to self: Always extend a helping hand to ppl that need your help.


Saturday, January 05, 2008

Mountain climbing in a cave? ~Perak Tong trip~

Everyday on my way to work I always pass by some Tongs.

o.O What is a Tong?

Nonono.... not the malay word tong as in tong sampah (rubbish bin). It's Tong in chinese, literally meaning hole or in this case, cave.

Ipoh is known as 城 (shan1 cheng2) or City of Hills because of its abundance of limestone hills surrounding the city. It's quite majestic to look at actually. The unique thing in Ipoh is that many of the caves in these hills are home to Chinese temples. Most of the temples are located at Gunung Rapat, which is near where I work.

For example,

Sam Poh Tong
Nam Thean Tong
Kwan Yin Tong
Kek Lok Tong
Ling Sien Tong

Did you notice that all the names of the temples end with Tong? Yep, that's right, it's because they are all located in the midst of the limestone hill caves.

However, there is still one famous Tong in Ipoh which isn't in the Gunung Rapat area. This Tong is named Perak Tong 霹雳洞 after Ipoh's state. It's located in the Gunung Tasik limestone caves and was built in 1926 by Buddhist priests from China. It houses over 40 Buddha statues with the tallest one measuring around 13m in height. There are also many beautiful murals on the cave walls.

The courtyard of Perak Tong actually looks like one of the courtyards in those classic chinese movies. I forgot to take a photo of it so I'll just post one of its pics from the internet.
I wasn't that interested in the statues in the temple, but was drawn to the murals and natural architecture inside the cave.

This is the entrance to the cave...

But before you go in, resident-temple-puppies-playing-snatch-with-joss- sticks will greet you at the door.
Can't get them to stay still...

Furry dog finally had a moment to look at camera.

A mural of fairy cranes on the cave walls. I wonder how did the artist paint it so high up there, plus the cave wall isn't even smooth to begin with.

More murals of dragons and mythical characters from ancient chinese legends.

At the back of the cave, we find a passageway that takes us to the top of the limestone hill. At first, it looks creepy to me cos the white washed walls look like chinese cemetery tombstones to me. lolz... I didn't count the number of steps, but the information from various websites tell me that there are 385 steep steps to climb before we can reach the opening at the top.

How steep is 'steep'? This is the view when you look down behind you.

Higher and higher.....we finally reach the opening, and what am I greeted with?

The view of pollution.

The steps don't end there however. There are more steps that lead to a higher view on top of the hill. On the way, there are several pavilions we can rest at.

Can you spot me?

There is an open space some where in the middle that really looks like a scene from ancient kungfu movies. It looks like some kinda hidden Shaolin temple kungfu practice place.

There's a little hidden hall up here, plus calligraphy on the hillside.

This word means Buddha in chinese. I can just imagine some old monk leaping up to paint this piece of calligraphy on the wall.

Behind that small hall there are steps that lead up to the highest point of the hill. It's quite steep but it's worth the climb up there.

Evidence that I reached the top! ^^

This is the breathtaking view you get to see when you reach the top. The majestic hills, the busy township and the smoke and pollution from the factories. =.="

After resting and recovering our breath, we make our way down again.

View of the entrance from within the cave.

One last photo. The words Perak Tong in Chinese written on the top of the cave entrance, plus mini Malaysian flag banner thingies hanging on the top.

Malaysia, Truly Asia.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

~~Happy New Year~~

It's 2008! Wishing all of u who read my blog a Happy New Year!!!

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