Sunday, December 16, 2007

I found ISPCA ^^

Today I went to the SPCA in Ipoh. If I did not deliberately look for it I would have missed it! It's tucked away under the hillside at Jalan Gopeng, and its signboard is small and covered by grass. Many ppl still do not know what does SPCA stand for..... it actually stands for Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals! The branch in Ipoh has its own webby.... at

So, some background on the ISPCA for the benefit of all u hopeless clueless ppl out there.

The Ipoh Society for the Preventation of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) is a non-profit organization formed under the Societies Act,1966.

The objectives and goals of the Society are:

  • to prevent cruelty to animals;
  • to encourage the adoption of strays from the ISPCA;
  • to provide care and shelter for unwanted animals until they are adopted;
  • to inculcate an attitude of kindness and caring for animals;
  • to encourage the neutering of pets by their owners.
Ok, so now u know!!!! Too many ppl go around their lives with no concern of other species at all!
For me, its more worth it to care about animals such as dogs because of their loyalty and sincerity which is really lacking in the Homo sapiens species.

I sincerely encourage ppl who are looking for a pet to find one first at the SPCA or even take in a homeless stray dog. Don't just look for a 'branded' pet..... ur just encouraging breeders to breed more dogs into this world while the rest of the stray dog population struggle to live! As my banner displays above, Love Needs No Pedigree. Visit the SPCA website to take a look at the cute doggies that are waiting for u to adopt.

Seeing that I own too many dogs already, (5 dogs in my hometown), I decided to foster a dog at the ISPCA instead. Fostering means paying a monthly sum for the food and maintenance of the dog at the shelter. This helps because SPCA does not receive any government funding at all!!! They survive on public donations and fund raising activities.

The dog I chose for my foster pet is named Roger. In my excitement, I totally forgot to take a photo of him haha..... But he is really special. He has beautiful beautiful green eyes and smooth fluffy light brown and white fur. Maybe next time I'll post a photo of him.

In my visit to the ISCPA, I saw that the dogs where kept in cages that were clean and all of them looked healthy. The environment there is peaceful as it is located just at the hillside. There are over 150 cats and dogs there. Below are some of the dogs that I came across this afternoon.

This little black puppy was sitting quietly in her cage wagging her tail.

This short legged dog reminds me of the dog from The Mask o.O

A beautiful white dog sitting quietly in her cage.

And last but not least, there was this little puppy roaming around when I came in ^^ He's cute isn't he? He's so fluffy o.O haha....

Before you leave my blog, please take the time to sign the petition at ......


It's the biggest ever global petition to protect animals, and now u have to chance to be a part of it. Now is your chance to show your support for the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare: an agreement among ppl and nations to recognize that animals are sentient and can suffer, to respect their welfare needs and to end cruelty -- for good!

This is a point we really need to hammer in, especially in Malaysia. Too many animal cruelty cases have happened, and they are dog hunters happily hunting down stray dogs as if they were hunting game!!! That is sooooooo inhumane...... Also the gov here is really biased towards dogs as opposed to all the other animals here. So pls support this cause!!! Thank you!!



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