Monday, November 26, 2007

Qiang Qiang 薔薔之歌(想念版)

Stumbled upon a sad & beautiful song..... courtesy of starzai. Lyrics & melody written by Ella of S.H.E. Also sung by her as it's a tribute to her pug that just passed on.....

I normally don't put videos on my blog cos it would be very hard for those with slow connections to watch it... but I just had to put this on... her pug is soooo cute.... and sad at the same time...awwwww.... Computers with slow connections may skip the video and just listen to the song down here.

Any dog lover won't be able to finish hearing to this song without feeling a little tug at their heart. I dedicate this song to all the dogs that I have known in my life >.< style="font-weight: bold;">


Hai Ji De Ni Xi Huan Yao Zhe Wo De Shou
I still remember you liked to nip at my hand

Ran Hou Gei Wo Ni Zui Li De Qiu
And then give me the ball in your mouth

Yao Wo Pei Ni Wan Diu Diu
Want me to play with you

Ni Xi Huan Wo Mo Mo Ni De Xiao Er Duo
You liked it when I touched your little ear

Wo Zai Wo De Shen Bian
Nest at my side

Mei You Fan You
No worries

Zai Meng Li Ao You
roaming through the dream

好狗狗 好狗狗
Hao Gou Gou Hao Gou Gou
Good doggie , good doggie

Xie Xie Ni Pei Ma Mi Zhe Me Jiu
Thank you for staying with mommy for so long

Ni Bing Mei You Li Kai Wo
You most certaintly have not left me

Shi Ban Dao Tian Tang Sheng Huo
juz moving to heaven to live

薔薔 妳要記得我
Qiang Qiang Ni Yao Ji De Wo
Qiang qiang you need to remember me

Ni Bu Yao Zou Diu
Do not get lost

Kuai Kuai Zhao Dao Tian Shi
Hurry up and find your angel

Zai Tian Tang Gei Wo (Men) Bao You
In heaven give us your protection

薔薔 不要忘了我
Qiang Qiang Bu Yao Wang Le Wo
Qiang qiang, do not forget me

Hai You Qin Ai De A Yi Shu Shu He Ni De Peng You
And all the dear aunties, uncles, and your friends

Ni Yong Yuan Huo Zai Ji Yi Zhong
You will forever live in our memories

薔薔 謝謝妳
Qiang Qiang Xie Xie Ni
Qiang qiang, thank you

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