Sunday, November 25, 2007


Isn't everybody entitled to let out their anger once in awhile?
Isn't it alright to feel sad, feel grumpy, feel tired once in awhile?
How many times have u had to look cheerful and happy, when inside u don't feel that way at all?
How many times have u had to smile, when u didn't feel like smiling?
How many times have u had to engage in polite conversation, when u didn't feel like talking?
How many times were u made to do sumthing, or go sumwhere, without anybody asking for ur consent, and just assumed that u would do it?

I hate myself for always having to laugh off snide comments for the sake of being 'sporting' when inside I just feel like telling ppl off for these remarks..........
I hate being ms. goody 2 shoes, when inside i'm ms. spitfire.....
I hate being manipulated to do sumthing, without asking for my consent.....
Sometimes I just like to crawl back in my shell and be ms. antisocial...... not having to care about my appearance or wat I say.....

Lately, I just feel very tired...... tired because I have to always be on my toes and put on my best performance at work...... I come home late, because there is nothing to come home to. I miss Ah Man......... But this is life, life goes on. I have to make my own living, and not depend on D anymore, I have to be a corporate slave until I'm old and gray.



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