Sunday, November 04, 2007

Monday blues on a Sunday


This is me. After work. It's around 8pm I guess.

My eyes look sad. @.@

Gotta work on Monday again, thinking thinking thinking of all the things I should do, haven't done and plan to do. Yay! It's a 3 day work week for me next week. Taking leave on Friday. Gotta go back.... to my new house ^^ see my Ah Man ^^

Maybe I'll take some pictures of it .... my new room ^^ M says she just got the bed in last week. This BenQ camera sucks.... the pics all turn out in a shade of brown, cos the lighting is not good. Always look like a kampung girl when I take pics using this camera.

See >>>> Y the pics turn out so dark one...sien

Must adjust the lighting so many times onli it will look more.....normal.
But most of the times I'm lazy to edit my photos, so all of them are just straight from the camera. Feel like buying my own camera. Maybe an old model Sony CyberShot..... I don't need one which can take so many megapixels. Just a normal point and shoot camera for normal photos will do. I don even need up to 6 Megapixels.

Maybe I'll go camera hunting when I save enuff money. Can't seem to save enuff $$ here.... Even though I earn the same wage as I did before, the $$ i spend for lodging and food has doubled compared to Melaka. And I've made up my mind to give my family some money from my paycheck also. (yeah... I din give any before, I was saving for my grand travel plans, so sue me! :P) Anyway, it's more than one third of my paycheck gone like that... not including all the EPF and Socso and income tax stuff.... arghh..... Suddenly I realize money is very important!!!!

Ooh... Next Thursday is Deepavali and we're going to play paintball in Penang ^^ If I'm not lazy, I'll update my blog about that. :P Hope I survive F5!!!



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