Sunday, October 21, 2007

Congratulations again Leo & SyinNi ~~~~

I just updated my blog a few hours ago, and now I'm sitting here writing another entry. The main reason is, I just found out that Leo & SyinNi will have Leo Jr. coming ~~~~ I just congratulated u in my blog for ur wedding a few months back, and now we have good news already!!! Real fast and efficient eh....

Wah..... seems that everywhere around me I hear news of new additions to the family. Am I really that old already? Lolz..... If I ask myself, would I be ready for marriage or a new family. I would say No..... I still have many issues I have to put behind first. My life isn't as simple as that. Sometimes, I get to the point where I'm tired of pretending that everything is all right. Sometimes I get tired of pretending I feel fine and happy.

Right now, I'm still settling in my new job here at Ipoh. Still in the semiconductor business but not as a Test eng. anymore. I'm working for end line assembly side. Job function wise, I feel I like what I'm doing is better than the job b4. People at the plant are nice and friendly (so far).... sometimes a little too friendly haha....

Apart from my job, I feel that I still miss Melaka very much. Miss the freedom it gave me.... How I could go have a haircut or do my facials at JJ nearby. How I could go shopping by myself cos it was so near. Spend the whole day wearing my PJs, watching anime and stuffing my face with junkfood cos there was no one in the house. How I could just pop down to JJ, tapau my sushi or buy a face mask at Watson's and come back to my house.

Here, I feel so ........ inconvenient. All the hairdressers here are Ahma shops. I don't mind getting my hair cut at Ahma shops, but it depends on what kinda Aunty cuts ur hair. Here, the Ahmas are the type that cut those bowl cut student haircuts that I used to hate, or spend their time perming other Aunties hair... The kampung beautician I haven't had the guts to try out yet. I have phobia thinking that she'll overpluck my eyebrows making me look like a permanently amazed Aunty. The place where I used to go for facials is not available in Ipoh, and the saloon that uses it's products is ~~ 30km away.

There is no JJ for a 30km radius, no bookstore that has English books, no Jap food.... it is also hard to get a copy of The Star. I'm so bored week after week that I have to travel so far just to go to a decent shop. I'm sitting here blogging cos there's nobody to teman me to go shopping for my usual beauty supplies and necessities (read: underclothes). The thought of travelling so far away to shop by myself is soooo..... un-tempting. God help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a simple girl but I'm not sure if I can adjust to 'kampung' life...arghhhhhhhhhh



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