Monday, September 03, 2007

Weird little creature..... o.O

There's a weird little creature outside the house. It' s smaller than the house cat and bigger than a mouse....... it follows me up and down and all around. Uses all of its 4 legs to jump around.....and when u sit on a chair it will perform a flying leap up to ur lap!

Creature: u toking bout me??? (shows teeth) grrrr.....
Me: YEah, I'm toking bout u.... lol... so cute
Creature: (Pricks its ears up and jumps around on all fours) hug me hug me hug me!!!!
Me: Yikes!!!

Yes, it's a Pinscher... A toy dog.... That's the only thing it can be, a toy. It's scared of cats, and mice.... It'd rather pretend it didn't notice the cat than bark at it. Hyperactive little creature which lives in the shoe

Creature: Heeeeyy.... r u blogging about me??? ( so kaypoh)
Me: ERm... yeah...???
Creature: My name is DY!!!! And I'm not a creature, I'm a dog!!!
Me: Yeah.... a lap dog.

LOL..... but he's cute though..... although I wished he was fatter.... nicer to hug!!!



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