Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wedding aftermath

Some of the pics from the wedding in AlorStar.

Is it coincidence that Leo n ahyee marry on the same date as Badawi? haha.... must be an auspicious date.

Almost everybody from our old yamcha/lepak/trip group attended. Syinni looks like a Barbie doll... so pretty ^^

Food was ok I think. Only that the waiters/waitresses kept on forgetting to serve our table with food. Haha.... making our stomachs growl even more. No choice but to fill our stomachs with CocaCola. (No alcohol allowed o.O)

Nice slideshow and songs by Leo n ahyee.... the thing that tickled me most was the performance by 'Mr. Apple' o.O Wonder how he is related to Syinni.... His name oso farny enuff adi, summore he manage to sing all of his notes off key, but sing with so much confidence like he purposely do dat for improvisation de... Wahlau... high hand! Too bad never record it down.


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Congratulations on ur Wedding ~~~

This post is dedicated to Leonard and SyinNi...(aka ahyeee...^^)

Stumbled upon Leonard's blog a month ago. Guess I'd do some free publicity for it hahah....
Hmm... new entries once in a while when he has the urge to do some blogging. Notice all his entries have to do with lurve... haha. It's seldom you find a guy who's clear and outspoken about his views of this subject. Hmmm.... the sign of a mature man. haha... You can really see he adores SyinNi very much here since he mentions her in almost every entry. Yep, I can see you're both ready for marriage. ^^

I think you both make a lovely couple with both of you complementing each other in different ways. I wish you both joy and happiness and everlasting bliss. May god bless you and may your relationship stand the test of time and tribulations of everyday life.

P/s beautiful beautiful wedding photos.... although Leonard looks like he's put on some weight :P


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Why Avril Why!!!

I've been listening to the radio and I noticed a song that has gotten a lot of air time lately. Recognized immediately the vocals of Avril Lavigne, what I didn't recognize was the style. I used to like Avril. She was full of spunk, full of that angst that a rock chick needed. The songs that she wrote had meaning, and whenever I needed a little pick me up or felt angry, I used to turn up the speakers and blast her songs full on. I used to like her unique style which was later copied up by young girls worldwide. You know, the tie with a t shirt icon. Later she dyed parts of her blonde hair black, which I thought was cool.

I dunno if she has gone soft after she got married last year. But take a look at these album covers.
Year 2005 spunky rock chick with a deep dark side. Ineresting.

Year 2007 bubblegum trash pop without a hint of rock or attitude. Boooring.... I'd rather choose Britney.

Listening to this song Girlfriend, I find utterly no meaning behind this song and the Hey Hey You You's are getting really tiring halfway into the song. Melody is repetitive and I sense hardly any climax at all.

You know what, this song would be exactly what that @$#%@%^@% Alice would be singing.....yes.. exactly! Take a look at the lyrics.

Girlfriend Lyrics

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2nd trip to Kelong Acheh

I'm sitting in front of the computer at 6 am in the morning cos I had a bad dream and woke up. Just had 3 hours of sleep. It's raining out there. Should be a nice time to sleep but I can't seem to stay asleep for long. I should be tired, I just came back from kelong acheh in mersing ( ytd night.

Still lazy putting off my plans to write about UK so I guess I'll write about kelong acheh for the moment haha... This is the 2nd time I've been there, with almost the same group of fishing kaki. The first time was a bit of a disappointment because we couldn't get any big fish. But it was still a comfortable place to visit as far as kelong's go. Big clean rooms, abundant water supply to take bath in, many bathrooms, good seafood, nice view.... It's a 5 star kelong compared with others in the market.

In charge of catching bait ^

Well, this time we got a better result. 6/7 todak (long blue-green fish with sharp nose) and one parang (aka sai dou yu.... u know the fish they use to make fish balls with).

Group photo with the catch of the day! (well, some of it anyway, the rest is in our stomachs)

The todak that was caught weighed nearly 2kg. Personally, i think it looks beautiful. The bones of the todak are also blue-green in colour. The flesh however.....hmm can't describe it. The texture not smooth enuff for my liking haha.... we gave the rest of the fish to a family that stayed at the kelong at the same time as us.

I may not have caught this fish, but I caught the bait that lured it in >.<


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