Tuesday, January 06, 2009

100th Post and more mini origami books!

I just realized its my 100th post!

This item has been popular in the Christmas month.Its a PDF tutorial I made by myself on how to make these mini origami books. The diagrams inside are all totally drawn by me using Excel drawing tool. Thanks to a skill taught to me by my former boss. He could draw entire machine layouts just using the Excel drawing tool. It is also neat to draw part by part and then group them together to complete the big picture! I love using Excel to draw now.

I made a few more of these mini origami books and they turn out nicely on the photos I took. These books are really neat because they are totally hand bounded without the use of any adhesive. You can choose the colors of your pages and cover. Adding a ribbon is also a very nice touch to it.

They can be used as gift tags as a finishing touch to a present that you are going to give. Write a poem in them and they can be nice valentine gifts too!

The PDF tutorial retails at my shop for $5 while the books retail at my shop from $3.99 to $4.49. I love those that have different colors for each page. They are so colorful and make me happy somehow haha....


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