Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mooncake day~~~~~ Part 1

I've been going thru an orientation program at my new company last week. Among the 9 ppl, there were 3 Filipino guys in the class. They were saying that they weren't quite used to the spicy Malay food here, and they had been having chicken evryday for the past few weeks. haha.....This is how it is in our multiracial country. The canteen doesn't serve pork because of the Malays @ Muslims, and it doesn't serve beef because of the Indians @ Hindus. Sooo.... all we get is chicken and maybe fish. But we are lucky they do serve anything at all, as it is the fasting month. Anyway, I get the feeling that they love pork.... mention anything that has pork in it and their eyes light up! o.O

So I told them about some Chinese food they could try.... like char siew, siew yoke, zhong (dumpling with pork)...... and talking about food, they asked me why did we call a mooncake a mooncake. (They had sumthing similar to that back home but it was called a diff name) Which brings me back to think about the origins of Mooncake day....oops Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节 which falls on the 15th day of the 8th month in the Lunar calendar, which is Sept 25th this yr.

In my memory, there are a few Mid-Autumn stories my mom used to tell me. One was a legend about Chang Er the moon goddess, then another was about a woodcutter and a rabbit o.O, and another more serious story which really happened in history was about hiding msgs in mooncakes to facilitate a revolution. But all these stories are hazy in my mind now, so I decided to get my facts straight about them now.

They are many variations to the Chang Er story, but basically, the main elements are : Hou Yi the great archer, Chang Er the moon goddess, 10 Suns, Elixir of Life, The Moon.

The story goes like this :

One day, the 10 sons of the Jade Emperor turned themselves into 10 suns. The 10 suns appearing around earth at once scorched the ground and caused death and destruction to the mortals on earth. The Jade Emperor turned to the Hou Yi for help. Hou Yi then shot them down one by one with his bow and arrows. His wife Chang Er pleaded with him to leave at least one sun/son alive, which is the sun that we have now. The Jade Emperor was very angry, knowing that 9 of his son's had been killed by Hou Yi. He banished Hou Yi and Change Er to live as mortals on earth. Chang Er was very unhappy so Hou Yi went to look for the elixir of life so that both of them could remain as immortals. However, Chang Er drank the whole bottle herself and due to the overdose, floated up to the moon. She became the moon goddess and made the Moon Palace her home.

Staying on the moon by herself would be very very lonely for her so there are a few other moon characters such as Wu Gang the woodcutter and Yu Tu the jade rabbit to keep her company. More mooncake festival stories about that in my next blog. May also consider introducing my fav mooncake flavors too haha....

Read more about Mid-Autumn festival at Wikipedia - Mid-Autumn Fest.

A little trivia for u: (found at

The moon goddess was mentioned in the conversation between Houston Capcom and Apollo11 crew just before the first moon landing:

Houston: Among the large headlines concerning Apollo this morning there's one asking that you watch for a lovely girl with a big rabbit. An ancient legend says a beautiful Chinese girl called Chango has been living there for 4000 years. It seems she was banished to the moon because she stole the pill for immortality from her husband. You might also look for her companion, a large Chinese rabbit, who is easy to spot since he is only standing on his hind feet in the shade of a cinnamon tree. The name of the rabbit is not recorded.

Collins: Okay, we'll keep a close eye for the bunny girl.


Friday, September 21, 2007

Switching to Pacmee

If u take a look at the right hand column of my blog, u would've noticed that I've switched from twitter to pacmee. Updating from my hp using Pacmee costs only 5sen per msg.... so it's really cheaper compared to twitter. Pacmee is actually a service by now u know.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Of Glass & Blood

I had the most horrific experience involving glass and lotsa dripping blood last Wednesday.

Dear D knocked into the sliding glass door of our new house, smashing 2 panels of glass at once. When I turned around I saw him kneeling down on the sharp glass shards while another piece of glass fell down and shattered right in front of me. >.< HORRORS!!!!!!!! f5f5f5

He stood up slowly still unaware of the seriousness of the situation. M started going really really hysterical shouting and rushing towards the glass. It took me some effort to keep obviously panic stricken M from running to the glass. D stood up and the blood started dripping dripping dripping........ from his legs and hands... he touched his forehead and for a moment it looked as if his head was bleeding too...T_T

D still went to put ManMan back to his cage.....coating his fur with a layer of blood in the process. We managed to get D out to the car porch dripping blood on the marble floor, the porch and the car in the process...... just dripdripdripdripdripidrip...... M grabbed the nearest (later we found out also the filthiest) cloth nearby to stop the blood from dripping evrywhere. She also used D's hanky and the absorbent yellow car cloth to stop his blood. The hanky was soaked through.... dark red with his blood.

D still wanted to drive himself to the doctor but we ushered him to the back seat. D dripped blood all over the car steps, door, cushion..... and even the front seat when he tried to drive. I drove him to the Town Clinic..... When they got down the car, M suddenly said 'Ahhh wat's that?!!?" I turned around to look onli to c sumthing red, long and bloody which resembled some kinda intestinal stuff drop down on the road. OMG>>>>........ Wtf was that!!!! Phew.... luckily it was 'just' clotted blood which decided to drip down at once at that very moment. D dripped more blood all the way to the clinic.

Dr. Dillon gave D some tetanus shots and stiched a total of 12 stitches for D on his arms and legs...... all for a total of RM130. Luckily got money to pay.....sweat.... I asked D to call the indoman to sweep the glass shards up. zzzz......later after that D still wanted to hobble back to the new house to check on the glass panels. Think he's superman.....

Go home change dressing for him...... yuck...all the blood stick to the gauze liao.... + the yellow solution or puss and the black stitches....(must take out next week) Summore complain feel faint.... but yet sleep later than all of us. Change dressings for him few times liao he say the gauze too thick for him...kenot wear his jeans. Aiya.... just buy that expensive post-op dressing plaster for him stick there suan liao....f5f5f5f5 so scary..... The most blood I have seen in my whole life....even though I see it evry month zzzzzzzz........


Thursday, September 06, 2007

The love of my life ^^

Today I wanna blog about the love of my life....haha....
He's tall, dark, and handsome.....He likes to play a little ruff sumtimes, but that's the way I like it o.O He's been in my life for 4 years + now.....

Let me introduce u to Ah Man....

Muakzzzz......and huggiezzz.... See, isn't he handsome??? All dressed up in the shirt that I bought for him for his bday. His eyes are just shining with passion lol....

Yeah.... look into my eyes..... smoochiezzzz... lol dog crazed....

Sleepy Man....... looks so cute and peaceful sleeping... He just loves to go in the house and sleep by ur side. Nothing wakes him from his afternoon house naps hahaa...

This isn't ahMan..... but it really does like him when he was small.....It's actually a Rottweiler puppy. I don't have any digital photos of him when he was small. He grew up pretty fast.... Only a few months as a small puppy, then I couldn't carry him anymore ... sob >.<
Excited Man ...... This is how he looks like when he wants to play!! ^^ Hmmm... he may look sorta scary here.... but that's actually his playful face. He's thinking " play play come lets play...... biting or throwing the bone!!!"

Looking all smug and relaxed.... cos he got to come sit in the house... haha

Harharrr....Notty and Dirty Man.... Bad dog!!!! Must tie u up!!! When he was small (although he doesn't look that small in this pic) he followed the neighborhood strays up to Emerald Park, which was down the hill and cross the road.... Omg.... we had to drive all around looking for him in the rain..... then leash him n pull him back.

Another pic of the Mud Man..... all caked with the mud he rolled in. He looks a bit confused in this pic.....o.O

^^ Handsome Man...... all cleaned up and sitting handsome for the camera. Iloveyou!!!


Monday, September 03, 2007

Weird little creature..... o.O

There's a weird little creature outside the house. It' s smaller than the house cat and bigger than a mouse....... it follows me up and down and all around. Uses all of its 4 legs to jump around.....and when u sit on a chair it will perform a flying leap up to ur lap!

Creature: u toking bout me??? (shows teeth) grrrr.....
Me: YEah, I'm toking bout u.... lol... so cute
Creature: (Pricks its ears up and jumps around on all fours) hug me hug me hug me!!!!
Me: Yikes!!!

Yes, it's a Pinscher... A toy dog.... That's the only thing it can be, a toy. It's scared of cats, and mice.... It'd rather pretend it didn't notice the cat than bark at it. Hyperactive little creature which lives in the shoe

Creature: Heeeeyy.... r u blogging about me??? ( so kaypoh)
Me: ERm... yeah...???
Creature: My name is DY!!!! And I'm not a creature, I'm a dog!!!
Me: Yeah.... a lap dog.

LOL..... but he's cute though..... although I wished he was fatter.... nicer to hug!!!


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