Thursday, September 06, 2007

The love of my life ^^

Today I wanna blog about the love of my life....haha....
He's tall, dark, and handsome.....He likes to play a little ruff sumtimes, but that's the way I like it o.O He's been in my life for 4 years + now.....

Let me introduce u to Ah Man....

Muakzzzz......and huggiezzz.... See, isn't he handsome??? All dressed up in the shirt that I bought for him for his bday. His eyes are just shining with passion lol....

Yeah.... look into my eyes..... smoochiezzzz... lol dog crazed....

Sleepy Man....... looks so cute and peaceful sleeping... He just loves to go in the house and sleep by ur side. Nothing wakes him from his afternoon house naps hahaa...

This isn't ahMan..... but it really does like him when he was small.....It's actually a Rottweiler puppy. I don't have any digital photos of him when he was small. He grew up pretty fast.... Only a few months as a small puppy, then I couldn't carry him anymore ... sob >.<
Excited Man ...... This is how he looks like when he wants to play!! ^^ Hmmm... he may look sorta scary here.... but that's actually his playful face. He's thinking " play play come lets play...... biting or throwing the bone!!!"

Looking all smug and relaxed.... cos he got to come sit in the house... haha

Harharrr....Notty and Dirty Man.... Bad dog!!!! Must tie u up!!! When he was small (although he doesn't look that small in this pic) he followed the neighborhood strays up to Emerald Park, which was down the hill and cross the road.... Omg.... we had to drive all around looking for him in the rain..... then leash him n pull him back.

Another pic of the Mud Man..... all caked with the mud he rolled in. He looks a bit confused in this pic.....o.O

^^ Handsome Man...... all cleaned up and sitting handsome for the camera. Iloveyou!!!



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