Saturday, October 27, 2007

The lilblackdog that was :(

Saturday, Oct 27th 2007. Noon.

Dy died.

Cause of death: Hit & run

Just 2 weeks from being lost & found...... to being cold & lifeless.

He went out again. Eyewitnesses say that he was seen crossing the road where he got hit by a car, crawled two steps to the grass and just died.

Sad.... :( Thus ended the life of the lilblackdog :( sad.....poor poor dog.... just becoming happy that he found his home again, then he go kena langgar by car and die.

Ytd had rough day at work, this morning dunno hu call me from work twice, (hope nothing serious happened) didn't see the miss calls cos looking for Dy.... Dy died.... all bad things happening. Dunno call who back, don care ady, monday onli find out what happened.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blogs, blogs & blogs.....

Been spending my time reading thru blogs lately..... I noticed that there are so many types of blogs out there. Serious ones and not so serious ones..... Ones that tell about the evryday life of it's owner, ones that talk about sum serious political agenda, technical blogs, blogs to commemorate a special occasion........

Like to read Xiaxue and kennysia's blogs.... they give u a lighter view in life plus there's not too much camwhoring going on there.... Can't stand blogs where every entry are half-brained entries filled with self-admiring photos just to get ppl to visit.... Blogs should be about ur own view or feelings, and not just copy + paste some excerpt or forwarded email/msg that u just received.

Reading thru some of my fren's blogs..... U get to know things that they wouldn't say to u in person.... U get to know some things u never tot u would.... I guess that's the beauty of a blog. Technically it's supposed to be ur online diary..... but by putting it online hundreds of other ppl may take a peek into ur life or ur thoughts. When u blog, u don care what others think, it's ur diary anyway.... Nobody starts a blog thinking that other ppl besides urself reads it.

For me, whatever u read from the blog stays in the blog. I don't question why is it my fren thinks that way or try to teach her some life lesson.... It is after all her own personal diary... she has the right to feel that way & blog that way...... If she needs support I'll be there for her, but unless she hints for it, I will not go poking my nose into her business. It's not that I don't care, I just respect her privacy.

To me, blogging is a way I can vent out my frustrations... or maybe just satisfy my whim of writing watever I want, whatever I feel. Sometimes it's just inconvenient to tell other ppl what ur feeling, writing in my blog is my way of therapy...... I may feel this way today, but another way tomorrow, who knows???? Everybody has their own problems, I don wanna bother others by telling them my problems.......

Hmmm...... I wonder does this mean my blog is my best friend??? o.O That's sounds sooo....pathetic haha....

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Congratulations again Leo & SyinNi ~~~~

I just updated my blog a few hours ago, and now I'm sitting here writing another entry. The main reason is, I just found out that Leo & SyinNi will have Leo Jr. coming ~~~~ I just congratulated u in my blog for ur wedding a few months back, and now we have good news already!!! Real fast and efficient eh....

Wah..... seems that everywhere around me I hear news of new additions to the family. Am I really that old already? Lolz..... If I ask myself, would I be ready for marriage or a new family. I would say No..... I still have many issues I have to put behind first. My life isn't as simple as that. Sometimes, I get to the point where I'm tired of pretending that everything is all right. Sometimes I get tired of pretending I feel fine and happy.

Right now, I'm still settling in my new job here at Ipoh. Still in the semiconductor business but not as a Test eng. anymore. I'm working for end line assembly side. Job function wise, I feel I like what I'm doing is better than the job b4. People at the plant are nice and friendly (so far).... sometimes a little too friendly haha....

Apart from my job, I feel that I still miss Melaka very much. Miss the freedom it gave me.... How I could go have a haircut or do my facials at JJ nearby. How I could go shopping by myself cos it was so near. Spend the whole day wearing my PJs, watching anime and stuffing my face with junkfood cos there was no one in the house. How I could just pop down to JJ, tapau my sushi or buy a face mask at Watson's and come back to my house.

Here, I feel so ........ inconvenient. All the hairdressers here are Ahma shops. I don't mind getting my hair cut at Ahma shops, but it depends on what kinda Aunty cuts ur hair. Here, the Ahmas are the type that cut those bowl cut student haircuts that I used to hate, or spend their time perming other Aunties hair... The kampung beautician I haven't had the guts to try out yet. I have phobia thinking that she'll overpluck my eyebrows making me look like a permanently amazed Aunty. The place where I used to go for facials is not available in Ipoh, and the saloon that uses it's products is ~~ 30km away.

There is no JJ for a 30km radius, no bookstore that has English books, no Jap food.... it is also hard to get a copy of The Star. I'm so bored week after week that I have to travel so far just to go to a decent shop. I'm sitting here blogging cos there's nobody to teman me to go shopping for my usual beauty supplies and necessities (read: underclothes). The thought of travelling so far away to shop by myself is soooo..... un-tempting. God help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a simple girl but I'm not sure if I can adjust to 'kampung' life...arghhhhhhhhhh


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I am a .........Misfit

Misfit, a person who is out of place, or outside the mainstream.

Yes, that's me. Somehow, I have felt out of place my whole life. Feel nobody really knows the real me. Outside, I look quiet and goody goody. Inside, I'm anything but. I have many things to say, many things I wanna tell somebody. But sometimes, I just can't find the right words to express my feelings.

Language...... is somewhat a barrier. Grew up speaking English at home (u know, the PCK type). Went to Chinese ed primary school without knowing a single word of Mandarin. Didn't really converse in Malay till Sec 4 where 95% of ppl in my Tech. School was Malay. Didn't start talking in Cantonese till I was in Uni. My brain is so messed up in diff languages, that I can't think straight in one single language.

For many years I have led a somewhat 'double' life. For the few ppl that know me, maybe some onli know me for half of what I am. To some, I was the straight A's, piano-playing, prefect in school. To some, I was the problematic student who never passed up her homework, talked back to teachers, broke the school rules, got into fights, and had the wrong company as friends.

I've lived a sheltered life all these years, which I have striven to break out of. I feel I'm so socially retarded. Feel so awkward around ppl even now. Doesn't help that I don't look my age, cos some ppl don't tend to take me seriously even when I know what I'm talking about. For me, I think I've been thru and seen more than the average person in my position has. Only that, I've just kept all that to myself. Prefer to observe ppl from afar instead of involving myself too soon.

All these years, the thing I've yearned for is a best friend. A girl who can go shopping with me, eating jap food, or drinking fruit juices with. Someone who can tell me her opinion on the outfit or shoes that I wanted to buy. Where to cut my hair, get a facial.... someone I can hang out with. Someone I can tell my relationship troubles to, or maybe listen to hers. I haven't found that someone yet. There were a few times I tot I did. But.....I dunno.... It's too complicated to tell what happened. Haven't been able to click with any girl for a long long time.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Really an 'unforgettable' experience at Lata Kinjang

Last Saturday, which coincidentally is Hari Raya Day.... (Happy Hari Raya to all Muslims!) we went to Lata Kinjang in Tapah for a trip. It was raining heavily which made me hesitant to go at first, but since the people which had reached the waterfall said it was not raining there, we decided to go and take a look. I had never been to Lata Kinjang before....

For those of u who dunno what is Lata Kinjang, it's one of the tallest waterfalls in Malaysia. U can see it easily when u travel along the North-South expressway towards the North. It's over 800 feet of cascading vertical water, originating from a stream....
As u can see, it's really magnificent.

So, we made our way all the way across Tapah, reaching Chenderiang village, and following the signboards up to Lata Kinjang. On the way, the weather alternated from heavy downpour to slight drizzling. Occasionally, we would be greeted by a patch of sun peeking out from the rainclouds. I'm thinking we must be crazy to go to a waterfall amidst such crazy weather.

When we reach, it's just drizzling slightly. We park our car at the carpark below and climb the steps all the way up to the top. The steps only reach the suspension bridge sumwhere 2/3rds up the waterfall. We find the rest of the gang sheltering under some bamboo trees there. It really really is a beautiful sight..... I'm standing in the middle of the bridge --- look up and I can see the water just gushing down from the top.... look down and I see that the water continues cascading over huge rocks and flowing into little pools at the side.

Okok, I didn't bring a camera, so I took these photos from a site called
That (Indian?) man is standing on the suspension bridge. The waterfall sumhow looks a bit dried up in this pic, cos when I went it was raining. Anyhow, pay attention to that tree on the left. It played a pivotal part in the disaster that I'm gonna talk about.

So, I was sitting at the sideway near this part of the waterfall, just letting the water rush past my feet. When suddenly, the people were hurriedly saying lets go lets go....o.O Not being one to argue, I just got up and went back to the 'picnic' place where we had left our bags. Suddenly, I heard a really loud noise of water rushing down, and I looked back to where I was sitting just now. A big gush of water came tumbling down from the top of the waterfall, it was brownish in color, not the clear water just moments ago.....the water had covered up the rock that I had been sitting on earlier.

I looked back up at the suspension bridge, and I saw a Malay woman standing near the tree which I talked about on top. She was frantically clutching on to her child ( I think a little girl about 7 / 8 yrs old). I could just see the water pouring fiercely down from there.... and I was so afraid that they would get washed down the waterfall. Luckily the tree managed to block some of the water that was gushing down, and her family/ friends managed to pull her up from the side.

We quickly took our belongings and left cos the water coming down was getting heavier and heavier.....really really gushing down and swallowing the rocks that were so prominent just moments ago. Just imagine the few pics above. No sight of any rocks to be seen, just brown water rushing down..... The little child which nearly drowned was so afraid, her face was just white as a sheet. Some of us lost our slippers cos the water came too fast and washed the slippers away. It's lucky that they didn't go back to pick the slippers lest they got washed away too.

I'll try to get the pics of the waterfall, before and after the flashflood. Somebody did take some pics of them that day.... Anywayz... the lesson of this story is... never go to a waterfall or a river when it is raining!!!! You never know what lesson Mother Nature might try to teach u.


Monday, October 08, 2007

Lost & Found --- The case of the LilBl@cKd0g

We interrupt this outdated mooncake festival story to bring u a news flash about the little dog named Dy.

On that fateful mooncake day, Dy was found missing at around 10:30pm, Sept 25th 2007.
Sept 25th 2007
Age: Unknown
Color: Black and light brown
Last seen: Jumping up on the stone chair in the garden, has red collar around his neck
Characteristics: Loves to jump up on ur lap a.k.a. Lapdog

Lost: Wanted Dead or Alive, answers to the name Dy, RM1,000,000,000,000 reward

We searched for him high and low, up and down, around and about, and all around the garden. But no sign of him anywhere. He's a scaredy dog, so he couldn't have gone far by himself. Therefore, we deduced he must've been kidnapped. I missed him so much.

Oct 8th 2007

I opened the door, only to be attacked from the back with a flying leap from no other than DY!!!! wth!?!?!?! He kept greeting me with flying yip-yip-yips...... I think he was trying to tell me something. Too bad I don't speak 'dog'. Anyway he looks very happy to be back home.

He looks emaciated... kinda like a walking skeleton. He was already skinny to start with, now he's just ------ bones that walk. I'm surprised he can leap that high!

Dy @ bonez @ fur on a skeleton

Where has he been?!?!? Could he have wandered around for almost 2 weeks with nothing to eat??? Could he have been kidnapped by sumwan??? What I think is that sumwan saw him by the roadside and brought him home to rear as his/her own. Oblivious to the fact that Dy is a persistent carnivore who only eats meat and meat alone!!! U never would have thought that, looking at his skeletal frame....

Anyway, Dy was found / or rather he found the maid while she was cycling around town this morning.... and he followed her back home .... home sweet home!!! He's back in his usual place in the shoe cupboard. And he'll continue peeking around and jumping on laps since he's back now.... Do you think the cats missed him???

Shoe rack Sweet Shoe rack


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