Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blogs, blogs & blogs.....

Been spending my time reading thru blogs lately..... I noticed that there are so many types of blogs out there. Serious ones and not so serious ones..... Ones that tell about the evryday life of it's owner, ones that talk about sum serious political agenda, technical blogs, blogs to commemorate a special occasion........

Like to read Xiaxue and kennysia's blogs.... they give u a lighter view in life plus there's not too much camwhoring going on there.... Can't stand blogs where every entry are half-brained entries filled with self-admiring photos just to get ppl to visit.... Blogs should be about ur own view or feelings, and not just copy + paste some excerpt or forwarded email/msg that u just received.

Reading thru some of my fren's blogs..... U get to know things that they wouldn't say to u in person.... U get to know some things u never tot u would.... I guess that's the beauty of a blog. Technically it's supposed to be ur online diary..... but by putting it online hundreds of other ppl may take a peek into ur life or ur thoughts. When u blog, u don care what others think, it's ur diary anyway.... Nobody starts a blog thinking that other ppl besides urself reads it.

For me, whatever u read from the blog stays in the blog. I don't question why is it my fren thinks that way or try to teach her some life lesson.... It is after all her own personal diary... she has the right to feel that way & blog that way...... If she needs support I'll be there for her, but unless she hints for it, I will not go poking my nose into her business. It's not that I don't care, I just respect her privacy.

To me, blogging is a way I can vent out my frustrations... or maybe just satisfy my whim of writing watever I want, whatever I feel. Sometimes it's just inconvenient to tell other ppl what ur feeling, writing in my blog is my way of therapy...... I may feel this way today, but another way tomorrow, who knows???? Everybody has their own problems, I don wanna bother others by telling them my problems.......

Hmmm...... I wonder does this mean my blog is my best friend??? o.O That's sounds sooo....pathetic haha....

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