Monday, September 17, 2007

Of Glass & Blood

I had the most horrific experience involving glass and lotsa dripping blood last Wednesday.

Dear D knocked into the sliding glass door of our new house, smashing 2 panels of glass at once. When I turned around I saw him kneeling down on the sharp glass shards while another piece of glass fell down and shattered right in front of me. >.< HORRORS!!!!!!!! f5f5f5

He stood up slowly still unaware of the seriousness of the situation. M started going really really hysterical shouting and rushing towards the glass. It took me some effort to keep obviously panic stricken M from running to the glass. D stood up and the blood started dripping dripping dripping........ from his legs and hands... he touched his forehead and for a moment it looked as if his head was bleeding too...T_T

D still went to put ManMan back to his cage.....coating his fur with a layer of blood in the process. We managed to get D out to the car porch dripping blood on the marble floor, the porch and the car in the process...... just dripdripdripdripdripidrip...... M grabbed the nearest (later we found out also the filthiest) cloth nearby to stop the blood from dripping evrywhere. She also used D's hanky and the absorbent yellow car cloth to stop his blood. The hanky was soaked through.... dark red with his blood.

D still wanted to drive himself to the doctor but we ushered him to the back seat. D dripped blood all over the car steps, door, cushion..... and even the front seat when he tried to drive. I drove him to the Town Clinic..... When they got down the car, M suddenly said 'Ahhh wat's that?!!?" I turned around to look onli to c sumthing red, long and bloody which resembled some kinda intestinal stuff drop down on the road. OMG>>>>........ Wtf was that!!!! Phew.... luckily it was 'just' clotted blood which decided to drip down at once at that very moment. D dripped more blood all the way to the clinic.

Dr. Dillon gave D some tetanus shots and stiched a total of 12 stitches for D on his arms and legs...... all for a total of RM130. Luckily got money to pay.....sweat.... I asked D to call the indoman to sweep the glass shards up. zzzz......later after that D still wanted to hobble back to the new house to check on the glass panels. Think he's superman.....

Go home change dressing for him...... yuck...all the blood stick to the gauze liao.... + the yellow solution or puss and the black stitches....(must take out next week) Summore complain feel faint.... but yet sleep later than all of us. Change dressings for him few times liao he say the gauze too thick for him...kenot wear his jeans. Aiya.... just buy that expensive post-op dressing plaster for him stick there suan liao....f5f5f5f5 so scary..... The most blood I have seen in my whole life....even though I see it evry month zzzzzzzz........



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