Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cards. Crafts. and Cuteness

Do u remember those little icing cookies we used to eat as a little kid? They could be bought at the sundry shop nearby.... they were kept in big tins....along with all other kinds of assorted cookies.

Comes in an assortment of colors ~~~~

So, do u suddenly have the urge to pop by the nearest sundry to shop to buy some of these icing cookies to eat now?

Finished making my towel dog from the DIY kit~~~ It belongs to the same family as my brown towel bear now...
Here he is posing on my blue MAS pillow again.... I made his ears floppy as opposed to the point uppy ears in the instructions... Wasn't easy cutting the towel cos it frayed easily and all the towel bits kept dropping here and there.

Watcha looking at? o.O

Also, made a birthday jar for sumwan whose bday is coming up soon~~
What's a birthday jar?

It's a birthday card, but in a form of a jar o.O
There are multiple layers in the jar, and you can shake them about to make the layers move, forming different combinations of scenery inside....
Does that sound complicated?

Anyway, can't take a good photo of it to really illustrate my point.... so u'll just have to use ur imagination...

So, Happy Birthday to You..... can't wait to go home.... for the election and lazing about in my comfy house and room again ~~~~ haha

It's my first time voting, and I just checked that they got my name wrong in the voter list... zzz.... Sick of hearing about all the political propoganda and conspiracies..... I"ll just vote for who I want, thank you.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

I love felt cookies~~

What did u do during CNY?

I spent almost all of my time making felt food in my room.
Rmb the DIY felt food kits I bought last month? I've finished making all of them. Felt so happy when I finished making them, and the food just looked so cute! Took photos of them with Barney... but he died with them.

So I'll just have to take another photo of them when I go home next month for D & C's birthday and also the elections. Whee... my first chance to vote at the election... haha

Anyway I had some leftover felt from the stuff that I made. So I made some felt cookies from them.

Oops... these are real cookies....

These are my handmade felt cookies.......all packed up in a box ready to be sent as a gift...

  1. Strawberry, coffee, peanut butter and dark chocolate felt.
  2. Coffee trimming.
  3. Fluff stuffing.
  4. Lotsa creativity and love.

100% hand sewn

Comes in 2 types of cookie bases and 6 flavors:
Starting from the top left in a clockwise rotation the cookie descriptions are:
  1. Mocha cookie: dark chocolate & coffee cream topping
  2. Dark chocolate cookie: peanut butter & peanut chunk topping
  3. Mocha cookie: strawberry icing & cotton candy topping
  4. Dark chocolate cookie: milk chocolate heart & coffee cream topping
  5. Mocha cookie: peanut butter & chocolate chips topping
  6. Dark chocolate cookie: strawberry icing decorated with spirals

Would u buy these cookies? Cause I will be putting them online for sale soon ~~~ haha...


Friday, February 15, 2008

Barney died

Yesterday, Barney died. He fell into a bottomless pit of sh*t and couldn't climb out anymore.

Those who know what happened will know what I'm talking about. Those who don't will probably think I'm mad.

In the middle of hatching a future business plan..... busy with line issues at the same time....

Sometimes u have an opportunity in front of u, but whether u dare to seize it is up to u. U say u don't like the current situation ur life is in now. But it's also up to u to decide whether u want to change it or not. Maybe ur scared of change and uncertainness in ur future, that's why u slip back into the old comfortableness of a mundane meaningless job.

Anyhow, still in the midst of risk assessing so I don't know how this will turn out. >.<


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