Thursday, October 09, 2008

Black puppies for adoption - free!

Calling all dog lovers out there.....

If you are planning to welcome a furry friend into your life, take a look at this entry. I have 4 cute black puppies that need a caring home. They are absolutely free of charge with no strings attached. They just need a good owner who will provide shelter, food and love.

This is their mom Lulu :

She's small..... and would look like a dachshund if her ears dropped down.

This is their dad ahMan :
You may recognize him from my previous posts. He's my huggy beary doggy. This all started when we failed to take Lulu for spaying in time. Now we've ended up with 4 cute black puppies and a sheduled appointment to the vet for spaying next month.

There are 1 male and 3 female puppies, all of them were born on 2008 Sep 15:
1) Male: Colour is black & brown like his dad. Tends to look blurblur sometimes. Loves to sleep. Has short legs.

2) Female: Colour is black & brown like her dad. You can't see it clearly in the pictures though. She's the fattest and fluffiest of them all. She has the shortest tail. Also short legs. Loves to eat & sleep. But when she wakes up she's mischievous and likes to wake the other sleepyheads up to play.

Just woke her up for the photo shoot. So she is yawning in all the pics I have of her.
Big Yawn!
Yawn again!
Going to sleep again.....
Here's a pic of her and her brother. She's sleeping again =.=""

3) Female: Black. Fluffy fur. Moderately fat. Has short legs. She doesn't make a fuss and likes to explore by herself. Her nose is very short. Some times she looks like a pekingese from the side view. (But thats just my opinion lol).

4) Female: Black. Short haired. Long legs and tail. She can walk very fast maybe because she has the strongest and longest legs of them all. Has a pitiful look in her eyes that say " adopt me please!"

I know that most people out there tend to go for the male puppies first. But just so you know, female puppies are a joy to own too! They tend to listen to you more, are more affectionate and caring, and they don't pee on every tire and post in your house!

If you are interested in adopting one of the female puppies, I can get some help to spay them at a cheaper price through the SPCA in Ipoh. Maybe even a little sponsorship if you can't afford to spay them.

Please contact me by email or reply to this post if you are interested. Thanks a lot!!!

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