Monday, October 08, 2007

Lost & Found --- The case of the LilBl@cKd0g

We interrupt this outdated mooncake festival story to bring u a news flash about the little dog named Dy.

On that fateful mooncake day, Dy was found missing at around 10:30pm, Sept 25th 2007.
Sept 25th 2007
Age: Unknown
Color: Black and light brown
Last seen: Jumping up on the stone chair in the garden, has red collar around his neck
Characteristics: Loves to jump up on ur lap a.k.a. Lapdog

Lost: Wanted Dead or Alive, answers to the name Dy, RM1,000,000,000,000 reward

We searched for him high and low, up and down, around and about, and all around the garden. But no sign of him anywhere. He's a scaredy dog, so he couldn't have gone far by himself. Therefore, we deduced he must've been kidnapped. I missed him so much.

Oct 8th 2007

I opened the door, only to be attacked from the back with a flying leap from no other than DY!!!! wth!?!?!?! He kept greeting me with flying yip-yip-yips...... I think he was trying to tell me something. Too bad I don't speak 'dog'. Anyway he looks very happy to be back home.

He looks emaciated... kinda like a walking skeleton. He was already skinny to start with, now he's just ------ bones that walk. I'm surprised he can leap that high!

Dy @ bonez @ fur on a skeleton

Where has he been?!?!? Could he have wandered around for almost 2 weeks with nothing to eat??? Could he have been kidnapped by sumwan??? What I think is that sumwan saw him by the roadside and brought him home to rear as his/her own. Oblivious to the fact that Dy is a persistent carnivore who only eats meat and meat alone!!! U never would have thought that, looking at his skeletal frame....

Anyway, Dy was found / or rather he found the maid while she was cycling around town this morning.... and he followed her back home .... home sweet home!!! He's back in his usual place in the shoe cupboard. And he'll continue peeking around and jumping on laps since he's back now.... Do you think the cats missed him???

Shoe rack Sweet Shoe rack



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