Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Paintball & feeling like crap

Aww man... I feel like crap! Have a splitting headache, a throat which hurts when I speak or swallow, hurting muscles everywhere and a fever. Save me!!!! But it's nothing..... nothing compared to her. She had a coma and landed in the ICU , stopped breathing for awhile, and she still went to work the next day. Even work so late summore..... No wonder he cares about her so much.

Now, knowing about her condition, I worry about her too. She's so strong and optimistic, completely opposite of me.... fragile and depressed. I urge her to seek treatment, she's still young after all.... there's still plenty of life ahead. If she could spend half a year of staying in the hospital for a chance at a longer and happier life, I give her my whole support to try to do it. Well, at least she started to take back her medicine. ughhh... shouldn't think about these kinda stuff now, my head is throbbing its killing me. Y do I have these frequent headaches?? Maybe I'm going mad or sumth.... o.O


Last Thursday I went for paintball match in Bkt. Gambir, Penang. My back hurt and I felt faint that day, but we still went for it even though it rained heavily.

No. of Pax: 16/ 17... one camerawoman
No. of matches: 3
No. of teams: 2.... 8 ppl on each team.
Results: 1 match win, 1 match lose, and 1 match dunno wat happening oso o.O
Bullets: Orange soft pellets, about 200 plus bullets per pax
Price: about RM45 per person, Long sleeve shirt = RM2 , ugly vest: FOC (only 3 available)

The battlefield.

The match ground looks like some kinda dilapidated terrorist hideout. Old tyres, wooden planks, tin barrels, wooden huts, mud tunnel and their very own water hole caused by the heavy rain.

Y nobody jump into the waterpuddle and hide? @.@

Our guns, before they were loaded with the orange pellets. Quite heavy for me, the next day my hand kenot lift up adi... :P and we had to lift the gun high up in the air to surrender. I can't lift it so high, so I can't surrender o.O

Loaded guns in a row, waiting for action.... gogogo!

Our head gear, all in a row, looking like decapitated heads o.O

The whole lot ^^ Group photo!!.... and another and another and another o.O

Our team... team WTF =.=""

Hmm... who's this?? I forgot.....o.O

Overall, unforgettable experience with fun ppl... ^^ Too bad I couldn't shoot anybody.... must be a really bad aim =.=""" Really wanted to shoot him down with the paintball gun....gaaahhhh..... After paintball session, we went to eat Penang's Asam Laksa, Chow Kueh Tiao and Chendol.... I think all the food contributed to the sickly condition I am now.

Went to a big 3 storey petshop..... Awwww... so cute the dogs, have fish and some cats summore..The pug, husky, akita, and pekingese all veryvery cute.... aiyer... especially the pug...so fat...can i hug him pls???? @.@ I really love fat things......

Later went to Bkt. Tambun to eat seafood oso... yumyum.... contribute more to my sickness and high cholesterol =.="" sweat..... nvm... life is short, live it as I please. It's not as if ppl would notice if I died.



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