Saturday, December 15, 2007

Online Business Cards--- The New Craze


No self respecting business will be able to survive without proper promotion. Thats why there are things such as advertising and business cards.

And where better to do advertising than online? That's where u can get to reach clientèle from all over the world.

So the evolution of business cards and the internet age has come up with Online Business Cards a.k.a. pixel selling...The concept, in short is to rent frequently visited space online to make ur presence felt!

So, we bring you.......
Follow the link to know more about this concept. There are 2 packages available.

The objectives of are :

1. This site will potentially be viewed by millions of people nationwide over the years. It is guaranteed that "101bizcard" site will be active for the next 7 years but the idea is to keep it going forever.

2. Our main focus is to display various company's name card, images and also a link to their respective homepages. In addition to that, the idea is also to ease people's difficulties in searching for their respective contacts from various industries.

3. A low cost but yet effective and efficient way of advertising with compared to other forms of advertisement such as newspapers, magazines or mass media.

4. To create a user friendly and comfortable environment for visitors who wants to search for various contacts.

5. To provide customers a chance to own a piece of "internet history"!



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