Monday, December 03, 2007

Treasure Hunt!!!!

*Warning: Super long blog entry*

Event: Carsem Ceria Treasure Hunt 2007
Date: Dec 1st 2007
Venue: Carsem S-site to Teluk Batik Beach Resort
No. of teams: 70
Price: RM10 per person, 4 ppl to a team/car
Experience: Priceless

Been a long time since I entered a treasure hunt! Before this I'd entered 2 and a half treasure hunts before. 1st time was a Avillion Merdeka Treasure Hunt, 2nd time was MMU Convo Treasure Hunt and the half time belonged to Singapore Tourism Board Treasure Hunt. Why do I consider it just half a treasure hunt?? Cos we couldn't even get to the 2nd clue after searching high and low in Singapore for it. I guess that was on too high a level for us lol.... Anyway all the treasure hunts were fun and memorable experiences.

We paid rm10 per person, and got rm40 rebate back for petrol, an Ivan colored T-shirt, Sandwiches for breakfast and a buffet high-tea at Teluk Batik Resort. Besides that, we got the memorable experience of a treasure hunt, what more can u ask for?

Had to change our plans to go hunting in the Kelisa becos we found out at the last minute that the brakes didn't work well. So we trudged on in Peter's warcar. Reached the starting point b4 8am, got our T-shirts, petrol $$ and car stickers.

Changed into our T-shirts and got into photo taking mode cos we anticipated we would be too bz later during the hunt.

Lyann sticking on our number 58 on the car.

Michael, posing like a convict, showing us our lucky number.

Me, doing my part.

Ok. Job done. Our team -- Peter, Me, Michael, Lyann, posing in front of car58 a.k.a. warcar.
His car looks a bit like Initial D Takumi's Toyota Trueno AE86.

Still waiting for the hunt to start. This is the last photo before we start hunting.

Just before we get flagged off we are reminded to reset our mileage meter to 0. Only then did we realize the warcar didn't have the reset function. Oh well, we can always take down the starting mileage and add the rest on later. We were handed our prepacked sandwiches and the question for the treasure hunt.

3.....................*so excited*

2.......................*vroom vroom*



We dashed off without reading the clues and with no idea what we should do. We figured out that there would be a clue at around 1.5km from the starting point. So all of us kept an eye on the meter to see where traveling 1km along the road would take us. After watching the meter for quite some time, only did we notice that THE METER DID NOT MOVE AT ALL!

lolzz..... all pengsan!

By then we had passed 3 or 4 of the clues.... We decided to go back to Peter's house to get Lyann's car to use for the rest of the journey. So we charged thru some small roads and shortcuts only to find ourselves coming out at Checkpoint A. We checked ourselves in and charged our way back to Peter's house feeling a bit disappointed because we thought that we had lost our chance to win anything.

Back at Peter's house.......

Rush to transfer our things to Lyann's car.
Only to find out that the car stickers couldn't be peeled off properly. *more disappointed*
Transfer back the things back to Peter's car.
Lyann steps on dog shit *on the verge of giving up*

Went back on track after wasting more than half an hour doing nothing useful......

Reached checkpoint B...... really relieved to find that there were still many groups there and also that we weren't the last. At that station, we were asked to buy 2 items by deciphering the clue they gave us. Couldn't make heads or tails out of the clues so I decided to try my luck and ask the cashier what the rest of the ppl had bought. She slipped me a receipt quietly and I was so thankful. lol.......sneaky right? But u can't win if u don't try....^^

So we made our way from Jelapang to Menglembu to Ayer Tawar to Lumut....... stopping by at the mangrove park opposite Venice of Perak.... 2 bz deciphering the clues along the way, I forgot the names of the places we passed by on the way. We also mastered the art of estimating the kilometers traveled to get to the clues haha.....

After the last stop at Lumut we raced to the finishing point at Teluk Batik Beach Resort. Arriving just before 2 pm. We had high tea and waited for the results to be announced.


U can't see it unless u zoom in...... but we got 9th place out of 70 teams. Prize money rm100 + a hamper for each of us. Lol.... not bad for the clumsiest and unluckiest team of all..... with the warcar and rosak meter...... and pointless going around in circles for nothing. Hehe...^^

Went to Teluk Batik beach after that....

Saw ppl gunny sack racing at the beach.

Look closely and u'll c 2 lurvebirds lol....

Peter took this photo.

Dropped by at Tualang to spend our prize money on succulent Tualang prawns. Delish! Yum..... I think it's safe to say that all of us left happy and with an interest to enter more treasure hunts in the future. Hehe... looking forward to it.



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