Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Zzzz..... stupid minion

Garrrr...... I'm so annoyed.
After one day of training, I found out many issues happened ytd at work..... It must've been a hectic day for all the techs that worked on the machines ytd.... >.< san fu sai......

However, today the thing that really irked me was about ...............Nya-mah-wheee
one damn shift process tech who basically doesn't know anything about the workings of my machines...... and I don't actually see wat his job function is except to chit chat with the supervisor and line leader... and point blame at other ppl.....

The particular conversation that he said was:

Lemme tell you something, give you some advice from an old man. This........ is not ur place. U should not handle this process. Take some advice from this old man. Girls like you should be in departments like HR, Admin, or Customer Service. You are not suitable for this job. People that are polite and cute like u should not work here. (adds this in quickly because he sees me glaring at him) You will not be able to take the stress here.

WTF?!?!?!? U damn... male chauvinist pig... how dare you look down on me!!! I am technically ur boss.... u do things for me!!! Have u never seen a female engineer before? Why should girls go do jobs such as HR, admin or customer service? Then why don't u go back to ur kampung to rear pigs? I am so much more qualified than u......u minion =.="" And who are you to say whether or not this is my place, or that I cannot take the stress here?? Do u know me? Are you a qualified consultant? No.... ur just a lowlife minion male chauvinist pig......:@) Oink.... go back to ur mud.



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