Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nana anime~~ナナ

Started watching the Nana ナナ anime i just bought..... Nana Oosaki is just so cool!
Loved the 1st ending song titled A Little Pain by Olivia.
It has a nice haunting melody which invokes the feeling of sadness when u listen to it.

A Little Pain
by Olivia

Travel to the moon

君は眠り 夢を解く
kimi wa nemuri yume wo toku
You're asleep, as you work out your dreams

誰もいない 星の光 操りながら

dare mo inai hoshi no hikari ayatsurinagara

There's no one here while the light of the stars toys with me

強くなるため 忘れた笑顔

tsuyoku naru tame wasureta egao
In order to become strong I have to remember how to smile

きっと二人なら 取り戻す
kitto futari nara torimodosu
If we're together, I can do it

* 気づいて

* kidzuite
* Realize that...

I'm here waiting for you

ima to wa chigau mirai ga attemo
Even if the future is different from now

I'm here waiting for you

I keep on shouting

きっと心は つなぐ糸をたぐってる
kitto kokoro wa tsunagu ito wo tagutteru
I'm sure all I have to do is pull in the thread that connects our hearts

あの頃の私 目を覚ますように
ano koro no watashi me wo samasu you ni
So the person I was back then would open her eyes

no need to cry

Travel in silence

手をのばせば 触れるのに
te wo nobaseba fureru noni
I can reach you if I stretch out my hands

kimi wa tooi
Its so far away

それは 思い出の中のこと
sore wa omoide no naka no koto
The only memory I have of you

声が聞こえる 目を閉じれば
koe ga kikoeru me wo tojireba
I can hear your voice if I close my eyes

小さな痛みさえ いとしくて
chiisana itami sae itoshikute
Even a little pain would be nice

Look at me

I'm here waiting for you

風に吹かれ 一人迷っても
kaze ni fukare hitori mayottemo
Even if you get lost, blown away by the wind

I'm here waiting for you

sora wo miagete
I look up at the sky

ずっと心は 手を広げて守ってる
zutto kokoro wa te wo hirogete mamotteru
I was protecting my heart with outstretched hands

あの頃の君が 振り返るまで
ano koro no kimi ga furikaeru made
Until the person you were back then looked back

no need to cry
(Feel something Feel nothing

Listen closely Listen closely)
Wide open ears

Disarm the dream tickler

In the constant moment

(You will find me Where it's quiet

Listen closely Listen closely)

Let the blood flow

Through all the spaces

Of the universe

* repeat

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