Saturday, January 12, 2008

Brown Towel Bear

Made this little brown bear some time ago with a DIY kit from Living Cabin. He's sitting on the MAS pillow I 'took' back from my trip to UK. Hmm... I guess not bad for my first bear... his ears and eyes a bit lopsided.... some of his limbs are overstuffed.... but that's what makes it distinguishably handmade... lolz

*handmade = another word for ugly*

I like the material, it reminds me of Teddy's towel. I stuffed him with azuki beans and cotton... so he's a beanie. Made another Teddy bear out of cloth scraps making use of the templates in the DIY kit....I'll take a picture of it another time.



At 1:16 AM, Blogger mas_airlines_pillow barked...

Hi there!! Whatta coincidence!! I'm looking for MAS pillow, for my only little brother, since I've lost his pillow (accidently) last 2 weeks i think. And he'd been using that MAS pillow for about 2 years. My grandma gave it to him. The problem is, I seldom got chance to be onboard MAS flights. And that was why I used this internet as my "search-engine" to get a new MAS pillow for him. I've tried so many things even bought him a new cute pillow, but he seems not really using it while sleeping, which made me sad. Please do help me...

This is my email address, created for this MAS pillow purpose: OR

Thanks. I wish you could help me.


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