Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tanjung Malim Halal Pau

Stopped at Tanjung Malim on the way back here. Had been hearing about its famous pau's for a long time so decided to stop by at Yik Mun's. Almost thought I went to the wrong shop, because it looked like a Malay style eatery ..... selling malay food and having a green signboard..... luckily caught sight of the paus steaming in front of the shop.

The paus are Halal.... meaning they are alright for Muslim consumption. Sumthing like kosher food for Jews. So it is not suprising to see that 90% of the patrons there are Malay! Yik Mun has its own packaged frozen paus, pau flour, coffee powder etc..... while I was eating there I saw many ppl buying the frozen pau back home to steam.

There are 4 types of pau sold at that stall, Curry Chicken, Curry Beef, kacang (bean) and kaya (some kinda jam). I tried the Curry Chicken pau.... hmm.... the pau bread was quite hard and dry, and the curry chicken.... was very minced, quite dry and a bit bland. I tried the Curry Beef pau..... same hard dry skin..... more meaty flavor... but very salty....I didn't try the kacang and kaya paus.... but if the curry paus are a standard to go by, the kacang and kaya paus would be a disappointment to me too.



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