Sunday, January 06, 2008

3 pretty puppies for adoption!

Went to the ISPCA again today.

Remember that cute little furry doggie that looks like a Pekingese which I introduced in an earlier blog entry?

She's still available for adoption....

Woof! My name is Fluffy.

She's quite a playful pup, always looking for other puppies to play with. When I came to visit today, she was chewing on flowers and grass and chasing other puppies around. If u want a playful pup, she's ur match!

Today, I also saw 2 other new puppies which weren't there during my last visit. Both of them have droopy ears, short hair, and are really fat! They were so busy playing with Fluffy that it was soooooo difficult to get a good photo of them.

Here's SpottyGirl. She's white, with big black spots all over her body. Erm.... I would say the pattern is somewhat like a dairy cow? She's really cute...>.< She's a playful one too, wandering here and there. However, she's still no match for Fluffy.

Here's her sister, SpottySis. She's white too, but with brown spots. She looks almost the same as SpottyGirl, only thing is that her spots are brown. She's more shy and quiet than the other two.

All 3 pretty girls are available for adoption. If you are looking to adopt a puppy in Ipoh, go to the ISPCA (Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and look for them. They live at the ISPCA but do not officially belong to them, they actually belong to the Indian family that lives at the premises. You'll fall in love with them when you see them!

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