Thursday, March 13, 2008

Felt crazy.... o.O

Spent most of my time in my hometown making new craft projects for my etsy shop.

Made a whole raspberry mousse cake and I dedicate it to D & C!
Happy Birthday to both of you and Congratulations on getting full A's too!!!

Tediously made of 8 identical slices of cake.... they can be separated or tied together with the ribbon for that delicious whole cake effect. More photos available in my shop..... This cake is made of high quality felt that I bought in the craftshop.... I consider it my masterpiece lol!!!

Besides that, I also designed 4 felt hair clips..... getting inspiration from the 4 seasons, even though we only have 1 season here... haha...

Also put up the hamburger set that I made during CNY for sale....
The felt is a different kinda felt.... though some ppl may like it cos its harder and sturdier ....

I love the hamburger best!!!! Also love how the photos turn out so nicely when I take them at home.... must be my mom's digital Canon camera plus the beautiful and simple backdrop in the kitchen..... I feel it makes my photos turn out more professionally and less editing is needed... haha



At 12:49 AM, Blogger Connie barked...

Ahh your play food is so cute! A lot of the time the person who owns the blog finds me and asks to feature me or some people will start a thread on etsy and ask for sellers to feature and I post in there if they contact me then great if they dont oh well maybe next time! I don't know if you've read it yet but I blogged about some great ways to promote your shop


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