Saturday, April 12, 2008

I signed up for PPP!

Today my blog just got approved by PPP. :) What's PPP? No... it's not anything political like People's Progressive Party... But it stands for PayPerPost!

Found out about this site from a fellow blogger's post in her blog.... Once I read about it, I thought that it was a really good idea to get paid for the posts that I post in my blog! A little side income.... cos USD's convert to lotsa RM over here... hehe

PayPerPost pays you via your paypal account... and they have several referral programs too! So, if anybody reading this blog wants to get some extra income from blogging, pls go to the form at the right hand side of my blog and fill in your details.... you'll get to earn money via PayPerPost like me :)

I think this is a great source for side income if you already own a blog, or you are working freelance from home, or even if you are a college student... It will work especially if you're from the US cos many opportunities offered by the advertisers are available to ppl in the US. The minimum payment for a post is USD5 too! Not bad!

Too bad that for me half way across the country in Malaysia, opportunities are few, and I think I have to work on getting page ranking higher up..... have to bribe more ppl to link to more site I guess lolz....

There is another way to earn $$ besides grabbing the posties opportunities or the referral program. Did you notice that button below all of my posts that says " Get Paid to Review My Post?" YES! You will get paid to do blog reviews !!!

Just click on that button, sign up with PayPerPost, and a special opportunity will be created just for you! You just have to write a post in YOUR blog reviewing a post in MY blog. Your post will be approved shortly, and you'll get USD7.50 credited into your paypal account! So, what are you waiting for? Click on that button now!



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